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VALORANT Arduino Aimbot Hack (Source) Undetected 2022

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Valorant Free Hack using Arduino and Yolov5 Undetected

A great cheat on VALORANT that you can download for free from our site. Previously, we already posted a similar cheat, and now we are bringing to your attention a new free working Aimbot/triggerbot on VALORANT.This valorant hack is created by gr3gthepilot.

This Arduino valorant cheat is free to use, you just need an Arduino device to use this. This hack is also very easy to use if you know a little bit of python and how to set up Arduino. You can easily configure it yourself, or use our ready-made settings. This Aimbot is easy to configure for both Legit games and Rage games, choose for yourself. At the moment, this hack is working fine but still use this hack at your own risk.

Valorant Hack Info
Status Undetected
Version Works with the latest version of the Game.
Update 16/01/2022
Developer gr3gtheopilot

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your game account.

How to use Valorant Triggerbot Aimbot Hack


  • Arduino Leonardo (you can buy it online it’s very cheap)
  • Basic python knowledge.
  • You need to train data sets using Yolov5 you can visit the link mentioned on how to do it.

How to use

  1. Download required files from below, upload the code to Arduino Leonardo
  2. Note: this doesn’t work with HoodLoader 2 or 1.
  3. Train your weights in google collab or whatever your preference is or download the trained data here.
  4. Once you got the weights change your python code so that you will actually use your weight and change the COM port according to the port that your Arduino is connected to.
  5. model = torch.hub.load(‘path to yolov5 folder location’, ‘custom’, path=’path to the weight file you trained with .pt extension’, source=’local’, force_reload=True)
  6. Download yolov5 you will need it.
  7. Start your game and press “/” key and enjoy your free aimbot.

Working Proof

Download Valorant Hack for free:

How to Download Files from Gamingforecast?

Watch the video till the end to understand how to download files from our website without any issues. If you still aren’t able to download the files, Join our discord server. We will be there to help you


how safe is this cheat from getting banned?



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For educational purposes in image processing, serial communication, and other

Obvious errors and slowdowns have been purposefully introduced therefore solving the errors may be a learning experience.

Please use within reason: practice range, user hosted testing enviorments. I am not responsible for your ban. Also valorant has not patched this method since the Beta till the date of the projects inital posting (I haven’t played val after posting this, there I cannot verify if it still works). This method can be mitigated through intelligent enviorment coloring, character and ability coloring (character outlines), or through VANGUARD. This is a low maintenance cheat, if you really wanted a reliable cheat, why would you even use this method look elsewhere.

  • This is a color based aimbot made in python that works in fullscreen mode optimized for the Phantom and Vandal. It has multiple color filterings that will automatically adjust itself when a target is detected. Target detection occurs when the right color is seen by the first filter on a large fov detection range. The second filter applies once the conditions for the first is met resulting in detection range reduction and color filtering becomes more lenient. Because the head of enemy characters are usually the highest point, we scan from top left to bottom right and the first instance of purple pixel found, filtering switches to a more accurate mode and smaller fov resulting in quicker detection on the second pass when looping through the pixel array. The size of the fov is determined if Shift is held down or not, auto recoil compenstation is implemented. The vertical size of the target detemines the perceived distance, the close the target is, the quicker the gun will fire. The futher the target is, the keyboard will attempt to counter strafe to stop the character movement before firing the weapon. Aim offset from first pixel is also determined by the distance of the target as to attempt to get headshots on pony tail characters.
  • Mouse movements will be locked when firing. Mouse commands are sent via lan, therefore firewalls must have their ports exposed. Once the mouse movement command is sent from PC 1 to PC 2, PC 2 forwards it to the ardunio via serial.

  • Incomplete, generates a map data based off of where red dots are placed to help guide the bot.

This demonstration requires 2 seperate computers and 2 seperate arduino units. Computing speed depends on PC, but is relatively and optimized for speed. Works only with 1080p screen size on Valorant PC. Scales poorly with resolution size. Harder to hit moving targets. Developers of valorant could opt to create similar colored surroundings or make abilites of similar color to make this method obsolete.

Python PIP Installs

The follow found in should be scaled to your monitor’s resolution. (Not PC running Valorant’s resolution)


Flash the respective arduino files per arduino, afterwards COM ports may need to altered accordingly.

How files and arduinos should be arranged

Use PC 1’s mouse and PC 2’s keyboard

Valorant settings should be as follows

  • Set Game to 0.5 sense
  • Set Game to 0.84 or 0.85 zoom sense, 0.9 to tracking moving targets (Weapon Dependent)
  • Set Game to 1920 x 1080
  • Set Game to Show Purple
  • Set Game to Hide Corpses
  • Set Game to Transparent Cursor
  • Set Game FPS to MAX
  • Set Walk to P (secondary)
  • Set Zoom to O (secondary)
  • Set Move Up to Up Arrow
  • Set Move Down to Down Arrow
  • Set Move Left to Left Arrow
  • Set Move Right to Right Arrow
  • (Optional) Set AA to MSAA 4x for long range precision

Verified to work with Windows.

Run on machine running Valorant

Run on machine hosting mouse inputs

Usage (Mouse Host PC)

  • Press — Key to exit
  • Press ` Key to pause mouse lock/ grabber
  • Press ESC Key to unpause

Usage (Valorant PC)

  • Modes
    • Press ` Key to pause and go into mode selector
    • Press ESC Key to engage Mode 1: Automatic Auto Aim
    • Press F1 Key to engage Mode 2: Auto Aim when shoot button is triggered, slowly moves camera towards target
    • Press F2 Key to engage Mode 3: Auto Aim when shoot button is triggered, snaps to target and snaps back immediately, resulting effect should be (mostly) unoticable.
  • Other
    • Hold [ or ] Key to temporily pause detection and auto aim when in Mode 1
    • Hold Middle Mouse Button Key When in Mode 1 to Engage Spin bot, spin bot slightly varies when moving vs not moving
    • Hold Shift Key Single Shot
    • Release Shift Key Spray and Pray
    • Press = Key to terminate program
  • Settings
    • Look in terminal for guidence

Thanks to all those who made this possible with simple to use python packages. If I missed any license or credits, please let me know and I’ll add them here.


For educational purposes in image processing, serial communication, and other


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Minecraft 1.12.2 Rich Client

Чит rich client – это новый приватный чит для майнкрафт 1.12.2, который часто обновляется и имеет большое количество функций c обходами


Valorant cheat arduino

Hi everyone im going to show you the EASIEST way of coding coloraim on python

First you need an Arduino Leonardo with a usb host shield and you need to solder it like this

Then upload this code to your arduino thanks @gr3gthepilot for sharing this code. I just added some serial reading things in it.

let’s go to python part, include some libraries !

Cv2 for image proccessing, mss for Screencapturing (its same as bitblt on c++) win32api for checking status of keys and buttons and serial for arduino mouse movements.

start mss and set fov, you can take fov as a input like COM
This part is calculating middle of the screen and taking the FOV.

Now we need to find HSV colours of purple enemies.

Mouse move function ; (you must send as byte to values so for negative values you need to use this function i cant explain why just google it if you need to know)

And now main loop, This part is Aimkey, proccessing image, calculating center of the purple enemies

You can improve it. This is just a simple solution.

If you want to ask questions add me on discord Enter The Ninja#1088

I know it’s shit source please dont remind it to me or slap that on my face.

You can improve it here is a proof

yeah, that’s one way of doing it. also video title art is misleading since you will not unlock the vision behind walls, it’s just a basic colorbot, maybe ill release mine someday it, has some extra features.

Colorbots are the simplest in terms of making them and also sadly the devs making them obsolete because all it takes is for them to start adding the colours that we are detecting into maps, which will completely screw over any colorbot

Also, there are NN cheats that are harder to fool but are harder to set up I made two and they are posted in the following forums:
YOLO Aim Augmentation v2.0
Valorant Cheat w Arduino and Yolov5 AI