Beckhoff cx9000 для чего

BECKHOFF CX9000 User Manual

for CX90x0 Ethernet controller

Table of contents

Table of contents

Notes on the documentation

Documentation issue status

2. Product overview

DIP switch settings

Unpacking, installation and transport

Assembly and connecting

Mechanical assembly of basic module

Mechanical assembly of UPS module

Error handling and diagnostics

CPU basic module

LED basic module E-Bus

LED basic module K-Bus

K-Bus diagnosis with TwinCAT

Removal and disposal

Table of contents

Support and service

Notes on the Documentation

This description is only intended for the use of trained specialists in control and automation engineering who are familiar with the applicable national standards. It is essential that the following notes and explanations are followed when installing and commissioning these components.

The responsible staff must ensure that the application or use of the products described satisfy all the requirements for safety, including all the relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and standards.

The documentation has been prepared with care. The products described are, however, constantly under development. For that reason the documentation is not in every case checked for consistency with performance data, standards or other characteristics. None of the statements of this manual represents a guarantee (Garantie) in the meaning of § 443 BGB of the German Civil Code or a statement about the contractually expected fitness for a particular purpose in the meaning of § 434 par. 1 sentence 1 BGB. In the event that it contains technical or editorial errors, we retain the right to make alterations at any time and without warning. No claims for the modification of products that have already been supplied may be made on the basis of the data, diagrams and descriptions in this documentation.

© This documentation is copyrighted. Any reproduction or third party use of this publication, whether in whole or in part, without the written permission of Beckhoff Automation GmbH, is forbidden.

The responsible staff must ensure that the application or use of the products described satisfy all the requirements for safety, including all the relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and standards.

State at Delivery

All the components are supplied in particular hardware and software configurations appropriate for the application. Modifications to hardware or software configurations other than those described in the documentation are not permitted, and nullify the liability of Beckhoff Automation GmbH.

This description is only intended for the use of trained specialists in control and automation engineering who are familiar with the applicable national standards.

Description of safety symbols

The following safety symbols are used in this operating manual. They are intended to alert the reader to the associated safety instructions

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Operator’s obligation to exercise diligence

The operator must ensure that

· the product is only used for its intended purpose.

· the product is only operated in sound condition and in working order.

· the instruction manual is in good condition and complete, and always available for reference at the location where the products are used.

· the product is operated only by suitably qualified and authorised personnel.

· the personnel is instructed regularly about relevant occupational safety and environmental protection aspects, and is familiar with the operating manual and in particular the safety notes contained herein.

National regulations depending on the machine type

Depending on the type of machine and plant in which the product is used, national regulations governing the controllers of such machines will apply, and must be observed by the operator. These regulations cover, amongst

other things, the intervals between inspections of the controller. The operator must initiate such inspections in good time.

Read the operating instructions

All users of the product must have read the operating instructions for the system they work with.

All users must be familiar with all accessible functions of the product.

Documentation Issue Status

Version Changes

2.4 system interfaces CX1200-xxxx removed

2.3 new installation positions are added

2.2 changes in names of system interfaces CX90x0-N070 and CX90x0-N080 inserted

2.1 notes on new system interfaces CX90x0-N070 and CX90x0-N080 added

2.0 notes on UL added

1.9 order information changed

1.8 notes on K-Bus diagnosis added

1.7 notes on USV and CF card handling added title picture changed

1.6 Notes on software image update

1.5 cable length for DVI cable corrected

1.4 consumption value for CX1020-A001 added

1.3 notes on dip switches and image update added

1.2 information for CF-cards changed, errors in product numbers corrected

1.1 notes for system interface N010 added

1.0 revised version

2. Product overview

The CX-SYSTEM device series is a modular control system designed for top-hat rail installation. The system is scalable, so that the required modules can be assembled and installed in the control cabinet or terminal box as required.

Only switch the PC off after closing the software

Before the Embedded PC is switched off, the software currently running on it should be stopped properly in order to avoid data loss on the hard disk. Please read the section on “Switching off”.

Switch off all system components and uncouple the Industrial PC from the system if the PC is not used for control purposes, e.g. during a function test.

System components that have been switched off must be secured against being switched on again.

The power supply unit of the Embedded PC requires a 24 V DC supply.

Do not exchange any parts when under power!

When components are being fitted or removed, the supply voltage must be switched off.

Mandatory software knowledge!

Every user must be familiar with any of the functions of the software installed on the PC that he can reach.

With the Ethernet controller CX9000, Beckhoff presents a further extension of the family of CX-type embedded controllers. The CX9000 is a compact, high-performance yet cost-effective PLC and motion controller for 30 mm DIN rail mounting. Within the Beckhoff control world it is positioned between the Bus Terminal Controller series BX and the Embedded PC CX1000. The main feature of this devices is an energy-saving 266 MHz Intel® IXP420 CPU with XScale® technology that runs under the Microsoft Windows CE operating system. It thus offers adequate computing capacity even for complex automation tasks. The CX9000 requires no external storage media – the device boots the operating system from the internal fl ash. Due to the low power consumption, within the specified operating range no fan is required. The CX9000 therefore requires no rotating components. As usual for the CX series, the device features a modular mechanical design. In its basic configuration, the compact device only measures 58 x 100 x 91 mm.

EtherCAT as fast I/O-System / K-Bus as alternative I/O-System

The CX9000 is available in two versions: with K-bus for direct connection of Bus Terminals, and as an E-bus version for direct connection of EtherCAT Terminals. In the basic confi guration, two RJ 45 sockets that are internally connected to an integrated switch are available as interfaces. This simplifies wiring of several CX9000 within a line topology. No separate switch hardware is required. The two externally accessible Ethernet ports are independent of the EtherCAT interface, which is served by a second MAC (media access controller) provided by the CPU.

Basic module and Systeminterfaces

Further interfaces may be added ex works as required: A screen display can be realized using a CX9000-N001 device, i.e. a module combining DVI/ VGA + 2 x USB 2.0. The combination of DVI and USB enables all types of Beckhoff Control Panel with DVI/USB interface to be used. Touch functionality is connected via USB. As a further option, two RS232 modules or two RS422/RS485 modules can be configured as COM1 and COM2. All serial interfaces feature opto-decoupling. Mass storage in form of a Compact Flash card can be used via the CX9000-A000 module, which offers physical storage capacity in the range of several gigabytes.

SPS, Motion Control and Visualization

Like for all Beckhoff controllers, TwinCAT is used for programming the CX9000 as an automation device. The device itself contains the run-time environment for PLC and Motion Control. One of the two Ethernet interfaces is used as programming interface.

Microsoft Windows CE enables the creation of fully graphic user programs,which are able to satisfy high expectationsthanks to the graphics chip integrated in the CX9000.

In summary, the CX9000 is a compact Ethernet controller, which in combination with EtherCAT I/O allows very fast I/O control cycles. Windows CE and TwinCAT CE constitute the powerful software architecture for this controller.

The CX9000 is a compact, top hat rail-mountable Ethernet Controller with direct connection to the Beckhoff I/O systems in IP 20. The CX90x0 is available in four basic versions: two version for Bus Terminals with K-bus, the other two for EtherCAT Terminals with E-bus. The CX90x0 comprises the CPU (available in 266 MHz and 533 MHz), the internal flash memory with two configuration options, the main memory (RAM) (available in two different sizes), and NOVRAM as non-volatile memory. Two Ethernet RJ 45 interfaces are also part of the basic configuration. These interfaces are connected to an internal switch and offer a simple option for creating a line topology without the need for additional Ethernet switches. A memory medium in Compact Flash format I and II is available as an optional module.(only in combination with system interface CX90x0-N010) The operating system is Microsoft Windows CE. The TwinCAT automation software transforms a CX90x0 system into powerful PLC and Motion Control system that can be operated with or without visualization. Further system interfaces can be connected to the CPU module ex works. The CX9000-N010 option can be connected to Beckhoff Control Panels or standard monitors with DVI or VGA input via the DVI and USB interfaces. Devices such as printer, scanner, mouse, keyboard, mass storage, CR-RW etc. can be connected via the USB2.0 interfaces. The module CX90x0-N030 offers two serial RS232 interfaces with a maximum transfer speed of 115 kbaud. These two interfaces can be implemented as RS422/RS485, in which case they are identified as CX90x0-N031.

The Ethernet-Controller CX90xx is offered in four versions:


Beckhoff — Модульный промышленный ПК на DIN-рейку — CX9000


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  • Модульный промышленный ПК на DIN-рейку
  • Процессор 266 МГгц Intel® IXP420 с технологией XScale®
  • 16 МБ внутренней флэш-памяти (загрузочная, с возможностью расширения до 32 МБ)
  • 64 МБ встроенной памяти (с возможностью расширения до 128 МБ)
  • 128 кБайт NOVRAM
  • Часы: внутренние, с аварийным питанием от батареи (батарея сменная)
  • Интерфейсы: 2 x RJ45 (внутренний коммутатор), 10/100 мбит
  • Диагностические светодиоды: Power, LAN1-Link/Activity, LAN2-Link/Activity, K-Bus Run/Err или L/A (EtherCAT Link/Activity) и HDD-Flash-доступ к памяти
  • I/O интерфейс: модуль ввода/вывода (K-Bus) или модуль EtherCAT (E-Bus)
  • Операционная система: Microsoft Windows CE
  • Максимальное рассеивание мощности: 6 Вт (включая системные интерфейсы CX900x-xxxx)
  • Степень защиты: IP 20
  • Рабочая температура / температура хранения: 0. +55 °C/-25. +85 °C
  • Вес: приблизительно 250 г (без радиатора), 375 г (с радиатором, в исполнении с DVI/USB)
  • Размеры (Ш х В х Г): 59 x 100 x 91 мм
  • ‘M’ = подстановочный символ для внутренней памяти: 0 = 16 МБ флэш-память (загрузочная) + 64 МБ оперативной памяти 1 = 32 МБ флэш-память (загрузочная) + 128 МБ оперативной памяти
  • ‘U’ = подстановочный символ для интерфейса Direct I/O: 0 = встроенный интерфейс E-Bus (Beckhoff модуль EtherCAT) 1 = встроенный интерфейс K-Bus (Beckhoff модуль ввода/вывода)
  • ‘C’ = подстановочный символ дополнительного системного интерфейса: 0 = с предустановленным CX9000-N000 = 2 x Ethernet RJ45 интерфейс (внутренний коммутатор) + батареи 1 = с предустановленным CX9000-N000 = 2 x Ethernet RJ45 интерфейс (внутренний коммутатор) + батареи + CX9000-N010 = DVI интерфейс и 2 x USB интерфейса
  • ‘T’ = подстановочный символ дополнительных лицензий программного обеспечения TwinCAT: 0 = не установлено программное обеспечение TwinCAT 1 = лицензия TwinCAT 2 PLC Bitte entnehmen Sie der folgenden Tabelle die Bestellnummern für die gültigen Kombinationen.

Заказные данные

CX9000-0000 CPU-модуль CX9000, 16 МБ флеш-памяти/64 МБ RAM, E-Bus, без TwinCAT
CX9000-0001 CPU-модуль CX9000, 16 МБ флеш-памяти/64 МБ RAM, E-Bus, TwinCAT 2 PLC Runtime
CX9001-0000 CPU-модуль CX9000, 32 МБ флеш-памяти/128 МБ RAM, E-Bus, без TwinCAT
CX9001-0001 CPU-модуль CX9000, 32 МБ флеш-памяти/128 МБ RAM, E-Bus, TwinCAT 2 PLC Runtime
CX9001-0100 CPU-модуль CX9000, 32 МБ флеш-памяти/128 МБ RAM, DVI/USB, E-Bus, без TwinCAT
CX9001-0101 CPU-модуль CX9000, 32 МБ флеш-памяти/128 МБ RAM, DVI/USB, E-Bus, TwinCAT 2 PLC Runtime
CX9000-1000 CPU-модуль CX9000, 16 МБ флеш-памяти/64 МБ RAM, K-Bus, без TwinCAT
CX9000-1001 CPU-модуль CX9000, 16 МБ флеш-памяти/64 МБ RAM, K-Bus, TwinCAT 2 PLC Runtime
CX9001-1000 CPU-модуль CX9000, 32 МБ флеш-памяти/128 МБ RAM, K-Bus, без TwinCAT
CX9001-1001 CPU-модуль CX9000, 32 МБ флеш-памяти/128 МБ RAM, K-Bus, TwinCAT 2 PLC Runtime
CX9001-1100 CPU-модуль CX9000, 32 МБ флеш-памяти/128 МБ RAM, DVI/USB, K-Bus, без TwinCAT
CX9001-1101 CPU-модуль CX9000, 32 МБ флеш-памяти/128 МБ RAM, DVI/USB, K-Bus, TwinCAT 2 PLC Runtime

Опции, аксессуары


  • Сменный аккумулятор подходит для CX10x0, CX50x0, CX51x0, CX90x0, CX20x0
  • Литиевый миниатюрный элемент питания тип CR2032, 3 V/225 мА·ч Соблюдайте полярность при установке —

О компании Beckhoff

Beckhoff Automation GmbH — немецкий производитель оборудования для автоматизации различного класса мощности как в виде системных решений, так и отдельных компонентов.

Компания делает упор на ПК-совместимое оборудование для управления, промышленные ПК, встраиваемые ПК (Embedded-PC), модули ввода-вывода (Busterminals), приводная техника и программное обеспечение для автоматизации. В 2003 году Beckhoff представила на рынке технологию EtherCAT для управления в реальном времени системами по сети Ethernet.

Штаб-квартира Beckhoff находится в городе Ферль на востоке земли Северный Рейн — Вестфалия и объединяет центральные отделы разработки, производства, управления, сбыта, маркетинга, поддержки и сервисного обслуживания.

В концерне работает более 2500 сотрудников по всему миру. Большая часть производства сосредоточена в городе Ферль. . Читать далее.