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PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) widely used in Industries for Automation Process, now a days Home Automation also utilize the PLC, different types of PLCs are available in market and PLC configurations are varies depends on the applications. If you are looking for easy to interface open source PLC system then you can go with Ardbox by Boot & Work Corp, S.L.

This Product called as Arduino PLC or PLC Arduino Ardbox analog, the Ardbox available in different configurations like 20 I/Os PLC, Ethernet PLC, and Panel PC with configurable input and output.

Industrial shield Ardbox Analog

Ardbox is a compact PLC based in open source hardware technology, with different Input and output units.

Ardbox PLC family uses Arduino Leonardo board as Controller and it let us to program through the USB, and it grands immediate access in order to program and control equipment.

PLC Arduino Ardbox 20 I/Os Analog HF modbus has 20 digital Inputs / Outputs, 10x analog or digital Inputs and 10x analog or digital output. The controller offers I2C communication.

By using I2C communication we can connect upto 127 modules, and have more Input / Output master slave connections.

Technical Details

  • Supply Voltage: 12-24Vdc
  • Maximum Current consumption: 0,5A
  • Module size: 100 x 45 x 115
  • Clock Speed: 16MHz
  • Flash Memory: 32KB of which 4KB are used by bootloder
  • SRAM: 2.5KB
  • Total Input Points: 10 nos.
  • Total Output Points: 10 nos.
  • Communications: I2C – USB — RS232 — RS485 –SPI
  • Inputs range: Digital range:12/24 Vdc (7.6 to 25.4 Vdc) Analog range: 0-10 Vdc
  • Outputs range: Digital Isolated range: 5/12/24 Vdc (4.6 to 25.4 Vdc) Analog range: 0-10 Vdc

* It Requires technical and Electrical system knowledge


Industrial Shields PLC Arduino ARDBOX 20 I/Os Relay HF PLUS User Manual

Operation & User’s Manual for Industrial Shields PLC Arduino ARDBOX 20 I/Os Relay HF PLUS I/O Systems (46 pages)

PLC Arduino ARDBOX 20 I/Os Relay HF PLUS File Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Industrial Shields
  • Category of Device: I/O Systems
  • Document: PLC Arduino ARDBOX 20 I/Os Relay HF PLUS Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Count of Pages: 46

Download PLC Arduino ARDBOX 20 I/Os Relay HF PLUS Manual (46 pages)

Industrial Shields PLC Arduino ARDBOX 20 I/Os Relay HF PLUS Operation & User’s Manual Transcription:

28 Hardware Serial RS-485 10.2 In order to enable the Hardware Serial RS-485 the total configuration of the Ardbox Relay HF will be: Switch configuration: Jumper configuration: Having configured Ardbox Relay HF as it is shown above, these are the features that ar…

39 15. Connector details The connector inside the PLCs that mounts on the PCB is MC 0,5/10-G-2,5 THT – 1963502 from Phoenix contact. MC0,5/10-G-2,5THT For I/O and power supply there is a FK-MC 0,5/10-ST-2,5 — 1881406 connector from Phoenix contact. FK-MC 0,5/10-ST-2,5 Connection details: …

17 5. Search for industrialshields. 6. Click install (selecting the latest version). Following this steps you will be able to use now the Industrial Shields Boards: Once the Ardbox Family is selected, an extra option will appear on Tools: …

40 16. ARDBOX Family Dimensions: 45mm width — DIN rail mounting: …

8 Warranty and Limitations of Liability Warranty Industrial Shields’s exclusive warranty is that the products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year (or other period if specified) from date of sale by Industrial Shields. INDUSTRIAL SHIELDS MAKES NO REPR…

14 Clock Speed 16MHz Symbology 2.3 Table that includes all the symbology that is used in the serigraph of the Ardbox Relay HF+: Symbol Standard No. / Standard Title Standard Reference No. / Symbol Title Symbol Meaning IEC 60417 / Graphical symbols for use on equipment 5031 / Dire…

43 — Disconnect the external power supply of the system (on all phases) before connecting or disconnecting a module. Failure to observe this precaution may cause faults or malfunctions of the module. — Tighten the screws of the terminal ports and the screws of the connectors within the prescribed tighteni…

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Inputs, Outputs, Communications and other technical specifications

Inputs (Arduino Mega included)

(10x) Digital (7-24Vdc).

(8x) of 10x, Analog (0-10Vdc) configurable by Software.

— (1x) WiFi & Bluetooth LE (based on ESP32)

– (1x) USB port (Micro USB-B).

– (1x) I2C port. (Interface with other Industrial Shields, sensors, I/Os modules)

– (1x) HALF/FULL Duplex RS-485 port.

Outputs (Arduino Mega included)

(8x) Relay outputs (220Vac – 5A)

(2x) Analog Output (0-10Vdc)*

Other technical specifications

DIN Rail mounting.

Flash Memory: 32kB (4kB for bootloader)

Clock Speed: 16MHz

*For SPI you need to choose another pin for Select Function (You can choose, SDA, SCL, Rx, Tx, Pins of Arduino)

Arduino PLC based details

Industrial Automation

Modular PLC
This is the first equipment based on the Arduino technology designed for a professional use. This PLC has 20I/Os. It also contains several communication ports which provide more flexibility and control. The GPRS Controllers family offers the possibility to expand up to 127 modules through I2C, which means that you can have until 7100 Inputs / Outputs in Master-Slave connections, additionally to sensors, etc…

Programming Software
This PLC can be programmed using the Arduino IDE platform. See the Documentation menu below to download the software for free.

Instantaneous connection and coding
The GPRS Controller is programmed through the USB ports. This PLC can also be programed through Ethernet port remotely. This offers and immediate access to program, mantain and control. Also you can continuously monitor the status for all the variables, inputs, outputs, etc. It is compatible with the Ardbox , M-duino and the Touchberry Pi with an instantaneous connection.

Watch the PLC Arduino features video

Inputs ▼

Total Inputs 10
Digital Optoisolated Inputs (5-24Vdc) 1
Digital Optoisolated Inputs (5-24Vdc) | can work like interrupt Inputs INT (5-24Vdc) 1
10 bit Analog Inputs (0-10V) | Digital (5-24Vdc) Inputs configurable by software 8

Inputs notes — * From the (Xx) Digital, (Yx) can be configured as Analog (Xx = Total Digital In, Yx = Number of Analog In) * From the (Xx) Digital, (Zx) can be configured as Interrupt (Xx = Total Digital In, Zx = Number of Interrupt pins)

Outputs ▼

Total Outputs 8
Digital Optoisolated Outputs (5-24Vdc) 0
Digital Optoisolated and PWM (5-24Vdc) | 8 bit Analog (0-10V) Outputs configurable by switch 0
Relay Outputs (220Vac — 5A) 8

Communications ▼

Ethernet communication NO
Wi-Fi & BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) YES
USB port (type B) communication (for uploading or debugging only) 0
Micro USB port (type B) communication (for uploading or debugging only) 1
I2C communication (interface with other Industrial Shields, sensors, I/Os modules) 1
Serial TTL (UART) communication 0
RS-232 communication 1
Half/Full Duplex RS-485 communication 1
SPI external port communication (using MOSI, MISO, SS pins of Arduino) 0
RTC (Real Time Clock. NOTE: I2C port used. See pinout modification) NO
µSD Socket (using SPI port, chip select D53 pin) NO

Communications notes — * When using I2C, 2 inputs are lost

The Open Source Board CPU ▼

Single Board Computer (SBC) Microcontroller Arduino Leonardo Original Board (ATmega32u4)
Flash Memory (KB) 32
Flash Memory of which used by bootloader (KB) 4
SRAM (KB) 2,5
Clock Speed (MHz) 16

Certification & Safety ▼

Conformity with Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection (CE) EN61010-1 | EN61010-2-201 | EN61131-2:2007 (Clause 8: Zone A/B EMC and clause 11:LVD) | EN61000-6-4:2007 + A1 2011 (Emissions) | EN 61000-6-2:2005 (Immunity)
Medical Devices Directive (CE) 93/42/EEC
FCC Federal Code of Regulation (CFR) for Electronic Equipment EMC:FCC Part 15
RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC | Restriction of Hazardous Substances (EEE)

Other information ▼

PLC measures 100x45x115
DIN Rail mounting
Max. consum. 1.5A
Power Supply Voltage (Vdc) Range 12-24
Power Consumption (VAC max.) 30
Operating Temperture ºC 0ºC-60ºC
Operating Temperature ºF 32ºF-140ºF
Operating Relative Humidity % (no condensation) 10%-90%
Package Size 13cm x 14cm x 8cm
Packaging Box
ECCN Number EAR99H
HTS Code 8537.10.10.90
740.17 Language — 740.17 (b)(1) for self-classification or (b)(3) CCATS issued §740.17 (b)(1)
Country of Origin Spain
STATIC Sensitive NO
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) MSL 1 — Unlimited
Lead Free
RoHS Compliant by Exemption? NO
Does Part Contain Lithium? NO
Product Weight 321g.

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Other Technical Specifications: *Rx,Tx pins are not available using RS485. For SPI you need to choose another pin for Select Function (You can choose, SDA, SCL, Rx, Tx, Pins of Arduino).