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Arduino Bluetooth RC Car (Android Controlled)

Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth RC Car (Android Controlled)

Hello, in this project I will show you how to transform an RC toy car to Bluetooth controlled through your Android smartphone!

Before starting, make sure that you have:

  • Arduino uno board
  • L293D motor driver
  • HC-06 Bluetooth module
  • RC Car that can fit all the above !

Optional you will need:

  • 1M & 100K resistor for battery level
  • 4x leds for lights
  • 1x speaker/buzzer for horn sound

For power, you can use the existing batteries (4x 1.5V AA), or replace them with a LiOn rechargeable battery pack.

(I used 12V LiOn rechargeable battery pack)

Step 1: Remove the Existing Rc Circuit

Before starting, remove the existing rc circuit. You will not need it any more. you will make a better one from the beginning with Arduino uno ;)

Now, with one battery AA 1.5V you must find the polarity of 2 c motors.

  • For movement motor (back side) the positive polarity cable will be that moves the car forward.
  • For direction motor (front side) the positive polarity cable will be that moves the wheels left.

Step 2: Breadboard Schematic

Ι suggest you to build your circuit on (small) breadboard first.

You can use on/off switch of car like this:

Battery +. / . Arduino Vin


If you have a «big» rc car it will need more power so you can use L298 module board. L293D motor driver will give max 0.5A per channel and it will be come very hot after while. L298 module board has a heat sink and can give 1A per channel, but is bigger than L293D.

Step 3: Code

Download and open file with Arduino ide. Read every line of code (+comments) to understand how it’s working and then upload it to your Arduino uno board!

(for programming arduino uno board you must disconnect first the RX & TX pins of Bluetooth module)


Step 4: Android Bluetooth Controller

To control your new Bluetooth car, download and install this android application:

First enable Bluetooth and establish connection with BT module.
(ex. HC-06, password 1234)
Use «Help & info» button if you can not understand how it is working.

Accelelometer function is under developing, use with attention!

If you have problem with this app on your android device you can also use this one.

Step 5: Video of My BT ArduiCar

Video is in Greek language but I believe that you can understand it.

Thanks for watching.

Remember that Bluetooth technology will give you max 15-20 meters of control.

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bro i want to add a ultrea sonic [distance sensoer] to the same code that is the car will stop automatically when objects come naear 2meters,plz pm me

Reply 5 years ago

could you kindly send this also to me? i am also planning to add the ultrasonic sensor :) thank you, my email is

Reply 2 years ago

Reply 2 years ago

Reply 2 years ago


Reply 5 years ago

if isuccess i will send u

Question 2 years ago

Hey I have an HC-05 can I use it.

I made it, but changed it, but used lighter weight materials. I created another branch of instructables at

Thank you, Vasilakis Michalis!

Hello, I have made this project and run well. But when I press forward or other button continuously, the system became hang and not respond to any command from android. After I press reset button on Arduino, it back to normal again. At first I think arduino deficient power because I use 1 battery source. So I try to separate battery for arduino and for motor DC and configure the jumper on L293D motor driver shield. But it still hang when I run the car with continuous pressing. What should I do? anybody have the same problem like me? thanks in advance.

The Bluetooth module must be configured otherwise it will NOT work! . . That’s why my module doesn’t give life signs.

Question 3 years ago

How much mah battery we have to use ?

Question 4 years ago

I was using this app for a while and now it sends only S on any button can you help me?

Answer 3 years ago

Can u give me the code.

Question 3 years ago on Introduction

I made rc car that is a bit bigger than it’s shown. My problem is that there is too low voltage to turn front wheels. I don’t know what to add or change to put more voltage. I think that arduino puts out too low voltage. 10V battery sould be enough. Could you help me out?

Answer 3 years ago

You can use L298N motor driver and add additional battery to use the motor.


Arduino Bluetooth RC Car © CC BY-NC-SA

This is our new Bluetooth RC car — based on our favorite Arduino Uno!

Microchip ATmega328
× 1
28 pin dip socket
× 1
16 pin dip socket
× 2
Texas Instruments Dual H-Bridge motor drivers L293D
or SN754410 .
× 1
16 MHz Crystal
× 1
Capacitor 10 µF
× 1
Ceramic Disc Capacitor, 22 pF
× 2
Resistor 10k ohm
× 1
× 1
HC-06 Bluetooth Module
or HC-05
× 1
screw terminal 2P 2.54mm
× 4
Pin header 1×5 Female
× 1
Pin header 1×40 Male
× 1
Arduino USB 2 Serial micro
You will also need a TTL to USB module or an Arduino UNO board for the programming procedure.
× 1
Soldering iron (generic)
Solder Wire, Lead Free
Wire Stripper & Cutter, 18-10 AWG / 0.75-4mm² Capacity Wires

This is our new Bluetooth RC car — based on our favorite Arduino UNO! In this project as you can see we used a custom-made PCB board and the ATmega328P microcontroller. The board is specially design for this project and for small RC models. You can simple control it from your Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth. From the Android application you can also turn on/off the front and rear lights and play a horn sound! For our RC model we used only 3×1.5V AA batteries!

Project updates and more Arduino projects can be found here:

Here is a video from our RC car with assembly/soldering instructions!